The Easiest Way to Build

NUX is the first AI developer platform that enables anyone to build, manage, and deploy RAG services without compromising security, performance or cost.

What is RAG? Read this RAG 101

Why RAG Microservices?

New ML models, python libraries and query patterns are introduced daily. Without evaluating and experimenting with the latest tools and techniques, organizations will be left behind.


Current libraries are bloated and challenging to productionize, building and deploying one-off RAG services for each permutation is exhausting.

Rapid Evolution

Keeping pace with the fast-evolving AI landscape requires constant adaptation, a daunting task for organizations aiming to stay competitive.


Ensuring robust security and compliance in AI applications poses significant challenges, risking data breaches and legal repercussions.

Build Your Organization's AI Ecosystem

With NUX, everything is modular. Design your own abstractions as blocks then experiment, collaborate and monitor without impacting security or performance.

No More Analysis Paralysis

There are millions of models and datasets to choose from, let alone configurations for each. The different combinations of prompts, parameters and queries are endless

Free Engineering Report

Share your goals and we'll create a custom workbook for you complete with models, hyperparameters, prompts and more.

Let AI Optimize for You

In-progress, but you can soon simply ask the AI to create your workbook.

No More Platform Risk

Deploy On-Prem or in Your Cloud


Share workbooks with your team and collaborate in real-time.

Version Control

Git-commit like interface for every stage-level change.

BYO Anything

Connect any data stores and models. supported integrations


Track and monitor every model call, and get alerts when things go wrong.

Full SDK

Run each workbook via REST API and integrate natively in your app.


All data is encrypted at rest and in transit. learn more

What will you build?

Explore workbook templates or customize your own.

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