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Everything you need to rapidly prototype with AI, in a single platform.
Build, collaborate, and integrate NUX Workbooks into your app.

What's a NUX Workbook?

Combine modular hand-offs between models, code and data to quickly build powerful applications.

Easy Inference

  • Foundation Models: Integrate multi-modal foundation models like Llama and Whisper.
  • Fine-Tuned Models: Include your own task-specific models.
  • Production-Grade: Versioning, testing and parameter optimization in a single interface

Glue Code

  • Python & JavaScript: Execute glue code effortlessly between stages.
  • Pre/Post Processing: Access variables from any stage within your custom functions.
  • Easy Version Control: Git-like version control for complete traceability.

Data Sources

  • Bring Your Own KNN: Already have an embedding store? Bring it using one of our plugins.
  • 3rd Party APIs: Have an existing API you already use? Bring it!
  • Secure Handling: Full control and secure management.

...and YOU can too!


Easily integrate data sources and models for a unified workflow. Supported Sources


Create and test complex stage combinations with just a few clicks. Explore Templates


Deploy your powerful workbook via API or native SDK to wow your users. Example Outcomes

# add data sources
nux.source(["s3://url", "db://table", ...])

# create workbook
workbook_id = nux.workbook(["stage_1", "stage_2" ...])

# integrate into your app
nux.run(workbook_id, user_request)
API Documentation

Focus on your users, let us handle...

Stage Handoffs

Synchronization, queuing, and serialization for a smooth, error-free transition between each stage of your chain.

Version Control

Full git-like tracking for every change in model, code and search across your end-to-end pipeline for full traceability.

Inference and Scaling

Performing inference on GPUs, while handling high request volume and maintaining industry SLAs.

NUX Strengths

Faster, cheaper and more accurate. With a single line of code.

Improve Speed

By distributing the extraction and search workloads, our servers index and search faster than the competition.

Reduce Spend

Guaranteed 30% more affordable than your current file indexing and searching approach.

Increase Conversions

Through state-of-the-art Large Language Models (LLMs), we're able to understand user intentions.

Watch a demo navigate one yourself.

Full Model Orchestration

Supporting Your AI Prototyping

Model Chaining

Select from existing ML models or bring your own.

Version Control

Git-commit like interface for every stage-level change.


Connect your existing KNN data store, supported stores

Code Execution

Inject "glue code" as Python or Javascript in between every stage.

Full SDK

Run each workbook via REST API and integrate natively in your app.


Provide or return text, image, video and audio content from your workbooks.

What will you create?

Explore workbook templates or customize your own.

Start Integrating