Automatic Talent Matching

When it comes to matching learning and development contractors to companies, our client had a well-established system: customers in need of specific training would submit a request, and various contractors would reply with video proposals. Then began the laborious process of transcribing and matching.

All that changed when they created a NUX chain for transcribing, searching, and matching.

Before Scenario

Before NUX, our client's approach was manual and time-consuming:

  1. A restaurant submits a request for, say, a food safety training module.
  2. Learning and development contractors respond with video proposals.
  3. Each video is manually transcribed and analyzed to see if it aligns with the restaurant's request.
  4. Finally, the client sifts through freelancer profiles to match the proposal with experience and skills.

The NUX Transformation

Data Sources

The NUX implementation began by integrating two key data sources:

  • S3 Bucket for Video Proposals: Freelancer video proposals are stored here.
  • Freelancer Profiles Database: This database holds freelancer profiles, including descriptions and lists of skills.

Model Chain

With the data sources in place, our client set up a NUX workflow chain with three key stages:

  1. Request for Education: Searches the freelancer profiles based on the client's query.
  2. Recommend Freelancer: Searches the transcribed videos to match the skills outlined in the profiles.
  3. Generate Explanation: Uses a text-to-text model to output a structured recommendation, complete with context and links.

Real-Time Recommendations

Now, a client can simply describe what they're looking for, and the NUX chain delivers an exact recommendation within moments. Not just a name, but a detailed output featuring:

  • Freelancer's name and skills
  • Explanation for the recommendation
  • List of skills relevant to this task
  • Links to the contractor’s video proposal and profile

End-to-End Solution

  • Sources: S3 Bucket, MySQL DB
  • Chain: Search & Recommend
  • Output: JSON API Embedded on Website

The Result

The impact of implementing NUX was immediate:

  • Speed: What used to take hours now takes seconds.
  • Accuracy: The AI-powered search ensures a highly accurate match.
  • Satisfaction: Both contractors and end-users find the new system more efficient and transparent.
"Implementing NUX has been nothing short of transformative for our operations. What used to take us hours of manual sorting and analyzing now takes mere seconds—without sacrificing accuracy. Our contractors are happier, our clients are more satisfied, and we're positioned for scalable growth like never before."


Our client’s shift to NUX not only digitalized but also optimized their matchmaking process, making it quicker, more accurate, and infinitely scalable.

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